Aims & Scope


Intellectus  aims to provide a professional platform where academic research within the scope of medicine and its implications on public health can be published and peer-reviewed by relative experts in the field.

Intellectus  accepts any original (not published on any other platform) piece of literature from the categories above. However, in reflection of on ATSU’s mission, this journal is focused on community-oriented original research, novel case reports, medical literature review, research concerning humanism and patient care, work relating to the medical education system and quality improvement of healthcare in communities. 

Please read carefully: 

This publication platform only accepts original manuscripts written by medical students. If you have published the manuscript on another platform, you cannot publish to Intellectus due to copyright privileges.

Thus, we recommend that authors consider both their choices of journal and their intentions for publication prior to submitting to Intellectus. The Intellectus  team has compiled a list of common journals and a brief synopsis about each one for the submitter’s convenience. This can be found in Resources. Once a submitted manuscript is published to Intellectus, it is no longer considered original and cannot be submitted to other journals requiring an original publication. It is advised to submit publications to one journal at a time to avoid this issue. 

Authors will be notified about accepted manuscript submissions prior to final publication on the website. Once the manuscript is published, it will be available for public view through the Intellectus  website.


Intellectus gives priority to original research, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Authors may select from the following topic/domain categories when submitting an article to Intellectus:

  • Public Health
    • Community outreach
    • Social determinants of health
    • Quality improvement and leadership development
  • Medical education
    • Academic medicine
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT)
    • Pain management
  • Clinical topics
    • Clinical topics
    • Clinical specialties (Pediatrics, OBGYN, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, etc)
    • Addiction medicine
    • Forensics medicine
    • Clinical based research