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Doctor of Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Michael Gerg, DOT, OTR/L, CHT, CEES, CWCE


Purpose: To incorporate the use of two hand function assessments, the Sollerman Hand Function Test (SHT) and the Brief-Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (bMHQ), in the outcomes measure protocol at a regional burn center for improving functional assessment and recovery progress tracking of burn injured hands. Methods: Seven participants were included in this pilot study. Inclusion criteria were individuals 10 years of age and older with current admission to the Arizona Burn Center with a primary diagnosis of partial thickness (2nd degree) to full thickness (3rd degree) burn injury, including at least one hand, with no restriction on TBSA or agent. Demographic and medical data was collected. Outcomes of the SHT and the bMHQ were measured in two trials, with trial 1 administered within 3 weeks of injury and trial 2 within 14-28 days. Results: No significant correlation was found between the SHT score for the right hand and the bMHQ for both trials, however a significant correlation was found between the SHT score for the left hand and the bMHQ for both trials. Conclusions: Though some significant correlations were found between SHT and bMHQ, limitations in sample size, control measures and time potentially skewed the resulting data. Additional studies are needed to further assess these two measures and their effectiveness in gathering functional data for patients with hand burn injuries.