Postsecondary nutrition program education in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: A brief report

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Education for Health: Change in Learning and Practice


Background: Obesity is a growing public health concern in Jordan, which has experienced a noticeable transition associated with increased morbidity and mortality, due to nutrition-related noncommunicable diseases. The nutrition profession has also advanced in Jordan, but the expansion is not as robust as changes happening in other healthcare sectors. This brief report examines the current nutrition-affiliated programs offered in postsecondary institutions in Jordan. Methods: An electronic review of university websites and department webpages of all private and public universities in Jordan was conducted to identify the nutrition programs offered. Results: A total of 29 universities were identified; 10 public and 19 private universities. Eight universities (three private and five public) offered nutrition degree programs; all eight offered bachelor’s degrees in human nutrition. One offered a PhD in nutrition and dietetics, and three offered master’s degrees in nutrition and food sciences. Discussion: Postsecondary education in Jordan is progressing; however, few institutions offered nutrition education programs that prepare students to practice. The nutrition profession still lacks an official organization in Jordan compared to its European and U.S. counterparts. Establishment of a nutrition and dietetics organization that cooperates with universities to develop national recognitions and guidelines is necessary.

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