Peer-reviewed physical education journals from Arabic-speaking countries: a regional assessment

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Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication


Purpose: Non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as heart disease, diabetes and overweight and obesity are associated with physical inactivity and represent the leading cause of death globally. In the Arabic-speaking region, NCD is associated with more than 2.3 million deaths annually with rates expected to increase. Professional physical education (PE) journals are important resources in the dissemination of knowledge from evidence to practice. With the growing physical inactivity problem among Arabic-speaking countries, the purpose of this paper is to assess the availability culturally relevant peer-reviewed physical education journals in this region. Design/methodology/approach: An assessment of professional PE journals within this region was conducted using four academic databases and journal directories. The electronic search generated 14 PE-affiliated journals in Arabic-speaking countries with a publication status of active, interrupted or ceased; search parameters were limited to English, Arabic and French languages. Findings: Results indicated that no professional publications identified in this review predates to 2005 within the Arabic-speaking region. Although all 14 journals within the sample offer both electronic and open access, only one provided both print and electronic versions. Iraq was over-represented with 12 PE journals; no other country offered more than one. Originality/value: Systematic analyses of PE prevalence among Arabic-speaking countries are scarce, and there are no current evaluations of peer-reviewed publications addressing PE within the Arabic-speaking region. PE capacity building and collaboration can be fostered, improved and maintained when supported by regionally and culturally congruent research.

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