Fruits and vegetables embedded in classic video games: a health-promoting potential?

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International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition


The proliferation of the video game era has increased sedentary behaviours among children and adolescents. Contemporary interventions involve the use of video games to introduce fruit and vegetable (F&V) consumption among children and adolescents. A comprehensive list of licenced video games (n = 671) released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console were reviewed for thematic content and qualitative characteristics of the game’s activity relevant to F&V. Seventy-five video games were included in the study sample and categorised by release year, prevalence of F&V, and thematic content. Mild associations were found comparing release year to F&V totals (r = 0.21) and release year to theme (r = 0.19). F&V themes embedded within classic video games could serve as health-promoting lessons for forthcoming video games. Future games produced by the video gaming industry should continue to focus on nutrition-embedded messages promoting F&V. Video game development and marketing could be an avenue that incorporates healthy nutrition themes.

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