Brazilian version of “self-efficacy for home exercise programs scale” for the elderly population

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Revista Enfermagem


Objective: to seek evidence of validity of the Brazilian version Self-efficacy for home exercise programs scale” for the elderly population. Method: evidence of content, response process and internal structure were analyzed. Two expert panels were used (equivalences and content) as it is an assembly. Three scale formats were analyzed: original, 5 points and 7 points. For the response process and internal structure, 174 older people participated. The Internal Structure was tested by exploratory factor analysis. Results: Seven of the 12 items underwent wording adjustments, and one item was added following expert guidance. The response process indicated that the version with 5 points was pointed out by the elderly as the best to be answered. In the internal structure, the one-dimensional model with the 5-point scale obtained the best indicators. Conclusion: it is recommended to adopt the instrument in a unidimensional way and use the 5-point scale.



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