Impact of a keto diet on symptoms of Parkinson's disease, biomarkers, depression, anxiety and quality of life: a longitudinal study

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Neurodegenerative Disease Management


Aim: Evidence suggests low-carbohydrate diets (LCHF) may assist in treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease (PD); however, gaps exist in the literature. Patients & methods: We conducted a small 24-week pilot study to investigate the effects of an LCHF diet on motor and nonmotor symptoms, health biomarkers, anxiety, and depression in seven people with PD. We also captured patient experiences during the process (quality of life [QoL]). Results: Participants reported improved biomarkers, enhanced cognition, mood, motor and nonmotor symptoms, and reduced pain and anxiety. Participants felt improvements enhanced their QoL. Conclusion: We conclude that an LCHF intervention is safe, feasible, and potentially effective in mitigating the symptoms of this disorder. However, more extensive randomized controlled studies are needed to create generalizable recommendations.



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