Patient Perspectives and Side-Effects Experience on Chemotherapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Qualitative Study

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Cancer Management and Research


Purpose: This study aimed to explore patients’ experiences of palliative chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), how patients adapt to their new and challenging life after chemotherapy, their beliefs, and their quality of life. Patients and Methods: The study used an exploratory descriptive qualitative approach that was designed to explore the experiences and side effects of NSCLC patients on chemotherapy in Pakistan. The study was designed to obtain a deeper understanding of 22 NSCLC patients’ experiences, using a face-to-face approach and interviews were conducted. Patients who have completed chemotherapy agreed to participate in semi-structured interviews. Results: The data were arranged into five themes: hospital facilities and environment, patient’s beliefs in alternative treatments, presenting a positive/negative face, life is for living, and health insurance coverage. The major complaints related to bad experiences of chemotherapy-induced side effects, but these patients still managed to complete the full course of their respective chemotherapy. Additionally, the current study revealed the real experience of patients with NSCLC which had been less studied. The patient’s experience was summarized into four themes and several subthemes. Conclusion: This study aid healthcare providers when deciding on treatment options that will improve shared decision-making between clinicians and treatment outcomes.

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