School Nurses’ Perceived Challenges With Concussion Management Procedures in the Secondary School Setting

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SAGE Open Nursing


School nurses have an integral role in managing student health concerns throughout the school day, yet little is known about their specific role in concussion management. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to explore the challenges encountered by school nurses regarding concussion management in the secondary school setting. Twenty-two school nurses employed in the secondary school setting were interviewed via phone. We analyzed the data via the consensual qualitative research paradigm. Overall, we found school nurses face consistent challenges with their role on the concussion management team, specifically related to education of school personnel, parents, and community health-care providers. Challenging topics included the inconsistency of community health-care provider recommendations and others’ perceptions of school nurses’ preparation and training to be important members of the concussion management team. Efforts to increase concussion education and improve communication across all stakeholders of the concussion management team should be implemented.



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