Implementation science: Lessons learned from evaluating practice recommendations for the care of patients with spine injuries

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Journal of Athletic Training


Health care providers are encouraged to provide care according to practice recommendations because these suggestions should improve patient care and promote optimal patient outcomes. The goals of these practice recommendations are to improve patient care and promote optimal patient outcomes. However, without integration into clinical practice, the value of practice recommendations in supporting patient care is lost. Unfortunately, little is known about the success of integrating practice recommendations into clinical practice, and targeted efforts to promote integration are likely needed. Implementation research is a broad area of study that focuses on how guidelines, programs, or interventions are put into practice and delivered. The Translating Research Into Injury Prevention Practice (TRIPP) framework consists of 6 stages that support implementation science, and the framework has been used to assist in integrating injury-prevention programs into patient care. The structure of the TRIPP framework makes it applicable to other programs that would benefit from implementation science, including practice recommendations.

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