School Nurses’ Management and Collaborative Practices for Student-Athletes Following Sport-Related Concussion

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Journal of School Nursing


The purpose of this study was to examine school nurses’ management and collaboration with health-care providers (HCPs) for student-athletes following a concussion. Secondary school nurses accessed an online survey titled the Beliefs, Attitudes, and Knowledge of Pediatric Athletes with Concussions (access rate = 15.6%; n = 1,246/8,000). Approximately 40% of schools where nurses were employed administered baseline and postinjury concussion assessments. No significant differences were found between employment model (single vs. multiple sites) in regard to conducting baseline (p =.908) administration at their site; however, those employed at a single school more frequently offered postinjury assessments at their site than those at multiple sites (p =.019). School nurses most frequently reported relationships with an athletic trainer (38.8%, n = 483/1,246) compared to other HCPs. A concussion management team, including school nurses, and other recommended members should develop comprehensive concussion management plans. Plans should comprise of multiple concussion assessments to aid in the return-to-learn/play processes.

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