School nurses’ perceptions of concussion management for secondary school student-athletes

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Brain Injury


Background: School nurses play a vital role in concussion management at the secondary school level, often being the only on-site healthcare provider during school hours. However, little is known regarding how they perceive their role in the concussion management process. The purpose of this study was to explore school nurses’ perceptions and satisfaction with concussion management in the secondary school setting using a qualitative approach. Methods: Twenty-two school nurses employed within a United States secondary school setting completed individual, semi-structured phone interviews. Data were analyzed using a consensual qualitative research approach. Results: Four overall themes emerged. This manuscript focuses on one specific theme: school nurse perceptions and satisfaction regarding concussion management. Subthemes included: school nurses’ overall perception and satisfaction with current concussion management procedures, interactions with other involved personnel, concussion assessment tools, school nurses’ perceived role, current concussion management policies, concussion education, and school nurse continuing education specific to concussion. Conclusions: School nurses were generally positive regarding concussion management within their setting and were satisfied with their roles overall. However, participants identified a number of areas that require further attention to ensure an evidence-based, consistent team approach to concussion management to support best student outcomes and continuity of care.

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