Appropriate medical care standards for organizations sponsoring athletic activity for the secondary school–aged athlete: A summary statement

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Journal of Athletic Training


Objective: To present the appropriate medical care standards for organizations that sponsor athletic activities for secondary school–aged athletes. Data Sources: To develop the current standards and identify current best-practices evidence, the task force used a multistep process that included reviewing the existing 2004 Appropriate Medical Care for Secondary School–Aged Athletes consensus points and cross-referencing of National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) statements and official documents from the strategic alliance (the NATA, NATA Foundation, Board of Certification, and Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education). Gaps in the recommendations from the 2004 Appropriate Medical Care for Secondary School–Aged Athletes document were identified by the task force, and the new appropriate medical care standards were developed and refined. Conclusions and Recommendations: Twelve standards, with supporting substandards, were developed that encompassed readiness to participate in activity; facilities; equipment; protective materials; environmental policies; nutrition, hydration, and dietary supplementation; wellness and long-term health; comprehensive emergency action plans; on-site immediate care; on-site therapeutic interventions; psychological concerns; and athletic health care administration. Collectively, these standards describe a comprehensive approach to providing appropriate health care to secondary school–aged athletes and should serve as a framework with which organizations can evaluate and improve the medical care supplied to adolescent athletes.

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