National Athletic Trainers’ Association Bridge Statement: Management of Sport-Related Concussion

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Journal of Athletic Training


Objective: To provide athletic trainers and team physicians with updated recommendations to the 2014 National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) concussion position statement regarding concussion management, specifically in the areas of education, assessment, prognostic factors, mental health, return to academics, physical activity, rest, treatment, and return to sport. Background: Athletic trainers have benefited from the 2 previous NATA position statements on concussion management, and although the most recent NATA position statement is a decade old, knowledge gains in the medical literature warrant updating several (but not all) recommendations. Furthermore, in various areas of the body of literature, current evidence now exists to address items not adequately addressed in the 2014 statement, necessitating the new recommendations. This document therefore serves as a bridge from the 2014 position statement to the current state of concussion evidence, recommendations from other organizations, and discrepancies between policy and practice. Recommendations: These recommendations are intended to update the state of the evidence concerning the management of patients with sport-related concussion, specifically in the areas of education; assessment advances; prognostic recovery indicators; mental health considerations; academic considerations; and exercise, activity, and rehabilitation management strategies.

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